Sensitive Skin 101


I'm going to tell you about how and why I got into non-toxic skin care. Towards the end of high school when we found out about my arthritis, I was also having these weird rashes... (yes, we checked that it wasn't psoriatic arthritis!) I ended up at the dermatologist and she told me that I am allergic to fragrance. So, at this point I was never a "girly girl" and didn't wear much makeup, however, you don't realize how many things have added fragrance in them until you break out every time you touch them.... I ended up having to revamp my whole routine. While it was annoying while going through it, I am glad I did now, because I have learned how much is added to everything we touch and how terrible it can be for all of us (I'll save that for another post though ;) ) 

So, for anyone out there struggling with sensitive skin, or can't find the root cause of rashes, give these simple changes a try to see if it helps!! :) 

  1. Detergents

  2. Skin Care Products

    3. Face Care Product

    4. Hair Care Produc

    5. Lotion

    6. Sanitizers and Soap

    7. Feminine Product

    8. Makeup


Detergents were the first thing to go in my house. Say goodbye to the nice smelling clothes, blankets and sheets. Our laundry now smells like nothing, and my mother hated it. (For real though, she hated it. She has told me that's the one thing she is excited about when I move out in December that her clothes will finally smell good! I actually made the doctor tell her because I kept telling her it bothered me before we went!) We use free and clear but I plan on making the switch to a more natural product soon, for now, its the best I can do financially! 

Skin Care Products

This was honestly the hardest one for me... I didn't care about the whole not smelling after a shower thing, I cared more about the fact that all the soaps I could use were more of a lather than an actual soap.... When I started using beauty counter that all changed. I literally had a moment in the shower that I cried when my soap foamed up, sounds pathetic, but all I had the past year were creamy soaps and you don't know what you got till it's gone! Skin care is still something I am working on, but that's only because I haven't tried all beauty counter products, I know it would be different if I did! Currently I use beauty counter soap and just ordered some new products so I will report back later.

Face Care

This is one I’ve been struggling with... I am terrible at taking care of my face in the first place but trying natural stuff, even worse. I have been using coco kind mostly. I use their chlorophyll mask, for cleaning I’ve been using either beauty counters charcoal cleanser or cocokinds cleansing oil... both have done really well but with my sensitive skin the charcoal can become a bit much sometimes. 

For moisturizers I’ve been using cocokinds moisturizing oil for morning and night. For blemish control I’ve been using cocokinds turmeric stick — both cocokind and beauty counter have been the ones I really like, but I still have a lot more testing before I can give a full report... so that will come later! 

Hair Care Products

AKA: the new found hardest one for me! With getting married in December you want everything to look perfect and I had been searching high and low to find hair care products that actually work and don't make you feel like a hippy. I have enjoyed beauty counter shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, but I have been having a hard time finding a good hairspray and heat protectant. I am still working on this because the one thing people with sensitive skin don't always think about is the fact that everything you put in your hair runs down your body... So, if you are putting toxic, fragrance filled things in your hair, it is getting into your system still. For me, this meant my rashes never went away because it never fully stopped touching my body. 


Lotions is kind of an obvious one, you are rubbing it all over your body obviously it needs to be a good quality and natural thing. I personally enjoy beauty counter and the seaweed bath co. Seaweed Bath Co. has some essential oil fragrances and I have learned, personally, those don’t bother me. I am trying primally pure’s body butter soon so I will let you know how that one is!

Sanitizers and Soaps

So, sanitizers and soap can be so hard. Hand sanitizers have SO MUCH junk in them and while yes, sometimes helpful, also can be overused and weaken the immune system. I normally will use honest company spray. It’s free of synthetic fragrances and parabens.

Feminene Products

While this can be taboo to discuss I think it is SO important for people to be aware of Benzethonium Chloride (preservative), Benzocaine (an anesthetic), Butylparaben (another preservative), Diazolidinyl urea (ANOTHER preservative that releases formaldehyde), Pesticide residues (from how regular cotton is grown), Fragrance and MUCH more…  This honestly scares me to death that this is what is in our feminine products. Reproductive systems are such a sensitive thing that people naturally have issues with imagine what this could be doing to it!! Again, personal here: I would get rashes and UTI’s after every period and since it isn’t talked about and not common, I just thought it was normal. When I made this switch I was amazed at the difference natural products can make. There are many options including organic tampons, pads and diva cups (can’t bring myself to try these, but one day!)


Makeup is hard for a lot of people. I normally only wear foundation, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow filler but it can be hard for people who wear more. I also don’t normally dress up, so I don’t do “fancy” makeup often… However, beauty counter has a lot of options for this as well as daily products. I love their foundation, mascara, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. I plan to try more of it but it is a tad pricey so I tend to buy in shifts ;)

I hope this helps if you are looking to make the switch or figure out what is happening with your skin! I am obviously passionate about how it helped me and I plan to write a post about how it can affect and what it does to you internally. It isn’t cheap and it isn’t easy, but it is 100% worth it.

*** Source for chemicals in feminine products is Women’s Voices for the Earth***