We Were On a Break!

Hello again!

Long time no talk. This past year has been a difficult yet amazing one for me. I have had to come to terms with a lot and had a lot of life changes. The Lord showed me that what I thought was important in my life really wasn’t. He showed me how I need to live in the here and now and commit to being the best ME. I got married (and it was the BEST day ever, another post about that later! ❤️), and my husband and I are buying a house... which is all stressful yet amazing. I’m sure there is much more in there but needless to say, it’s a lot. I decided to come back to this because my passion is to help YOU! I love to share recipes and lifestyle hacks I find. I believe living healthy is inside out. Our bodies are given to us and we should take care of them.

A note on my health: my health is a revolving door as is my diet. When I’m all in and working hard I feel so good and I rarely get sick. However, as everyone does I fall into a trap of eating nasty food when I get stressed, or tired, or have big changes in my life (hello anxiety!) 

 I’ve been on a yo-yo for quite some time and I am all in and SO ready for this lifestyle to stick and to feel my best.

It was recently brought to my attention that one of my favorite bloggers was the reason I went off of all medications and decided that lifestyle could do it. All I want for this space is to help one person in any aspect of their life! 

THIS is the main reason I want to keep this place up and running. As an accountability to me and proof that your diet and lifestyle can dramatically alter your life. Mentally, emotionally and physically.  I plan to share my experience and all things life and nutrition until the Lord shows me it is no longer what I should be doing.

Can’t wait to get into sharing all the fun things I have in store for you all! ❤️