What My Diet Looks Like

I post a lot of different things on Instagram and quite a few of them can be conflicting. I like to show all of my life not just put on a face like many blogs do when scrolling through Instagram.

my diet consists of me trying to feel my best. I think everyone has a different standard for what health looks like to them. Personally, health looks a lot like feeling good, no (or minimal) bloating, no joint pain, being healthy for long periods of time (rather than colds every few months like I have right now), no flare ups, enjoying life and enjoying what I eat without the pressure of what everyone else thinks! 

With that said, I try to stick mostly paleo and whole30 however, I think it’s very important to not feel overly restricted. I started paleo as a way to heal my RA but it came to a point that I became obsessive over it and let it consume me. Not wanting to go out, not wanting to do anything with my family because I thought I wasn’t being “healthy”. So where I am now is that if my husband comes home and wants to take me to get ice cream, I go get ice cream! If I am at a birthday party and I want a piece of cake, I enjoy a piece of cake. I am getting to the point that I’m asking myself after I eat something if it was truly worth it. I am trying to figure out what MY healthy looks like and MY sustainable looks like so if you see me eating a donut one day and posting about something gluten free the next know that I do come from a good place and I, just like the rest of you, am trying to find the balance of life and food and relationships. 

 As for when I feel my best... I know without a shadow of a doubt that paleo is what makes me feel the best. If that is doing a whole365, or being a vegetarian or vegan is what’s best for you that’s AWESOME. I personally have found so much success and healing from paleo that I don’t think I can ever fully say eating gluten and grains doesn’t bother me whatsoever knowing good and well that it does.

I posted a picture talking about sustainability on Instagram, I firmly believe in the context, however, I regretted that donut due to how I FELT after eating it. 

Looks good, but SO not worth it to me.  

Looks good, but SO not worth it to me.  

For now, I haven’t been feeling well. I have been having RA flares, SIBO flares, I’ve been fighting a killer cold since the week after Christmas and I just feel bloated all the time (the lovely new way of knowing when those wedding rings get a tad too tight, lol) so when I change up what I’m posting for that purpose, know it isn’t to mislead you. It’s to show you the true me. Learning what my body thinks is right and deciding what isn’t. Like a donut... the donut wasn’t... does that mean EVERYTHING won’t be? Absolutely not! Maybe if it was gluten free I wouldn’t have regretted it so much and THAT would be my sustainable. Some things will be worth it but for now, I’m going to get my health back on track and I am going to do paleo for real. I am going to find healing again and feel my best. 

So all in all, You will see my diet constantly changing because I try to do whatever feels right. I hope this is something that resonates with you guys more than harms you. I hope it shows you that it’s okay to experiment. It’s okay to have goals. It’s okay to go back and forth as long as you’re learning from it! We should always be paying attention to our bodies signs, it tells us more than we could think we know about ourselves!