Crockpot Taco Salad

Happy Friday all! 

I am over here starting a busy summer (and/or end of spring) and ending out a (decent) spring semester at school. I love these simple recipes and this one is super easy! I know you all like crockpot meals so this one will be a hit! It is super simple, easy and only requires three ingredients, not including the salad of course. 

This recipe is Whole30 approved (minus the cheese) including the dressing! Which, if you are like me I LOVE sauces... so this is a definite win. It is also Paleo and just delicious if those don't apply to you! 


Crock-pot taco salad

For the taco meat: 


2lbs ground beef 

2/3 C salsa, any you like, we like greenwise mild

2 tbsp taco seasoning, we use badia because its sugar free and doesn't have all the junk in it


  1.  add ground beef to crockpot
  2. add salsa and seasoning
  3. set to high for 6 hours, stir once or twice during the six hour cook time to crumble it. 

For the salad: 


Romaine lettuce, or your lettuce of choice 

spiralized sweet potatoes, or cubed if you don't have a spiralizer

a sprinkle of cheese 

cherry tomatoes 

green goddess dressing (from trader joes) 


  1. spiralize or cube sweet potatoes, season with salt and pepper, cook through
  2. cut cherry tomatoes in half
  3. mix everything together and toss with green goddess dressing! 

This could be great for a weeknight dinner or to make for a party! You can make it completely customizable. You can add beans, rice, sour cream, guacamole the choices are all yours :) 

Hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy! :)