Instant Pot Pulled Chicken

Today on the blog is some instant pot pulled chicken! I don't use my instant pot very often, but every time I do it's been delicious! This time I made instant pot pulled chicken because I feel like it is a really quick way to cook up some protein that is versatile. 

This can be used so many different ways and is delicious! You can cook this at the beginning of the week and eat it through-out! It can be used on salads, to make chicken salad, tacos, or like I did to make  pulled pork! 

I made this into BBQ pulled pork, I ate mine on a sweet potato but you can also make yours into a sandwich. I would normally suggest the sandwich thins, because it holds together well without having all that bread! For the barbecue pulled pork, I used tessemaes barbecue sauce, which is whole30 and paleo approved! If you aren't doing one of those my other favorite is Stubbs original barbecue sauce! It is lower in sugar than ones like sweet baby rays and most other brands!


Instant Pot Pulled Chicken


2 pounds of chicken breasts 

1/2 C of water 

Garlic powder 

Salt and pepper

barbecue sauce if desired! 

P.S. - you can use whatever seasonings you like. I like to have this as versatile as possible... so I use simple seasoning to be able to make it into whatever I want! 


  1. Add all the chicken to the instant pot 
  2. Add water and seasonings 
  3. Turn instant pot on manual and set for 15 minutes... let the steam self-vent for 10 minutes 
  4. Pull or cube chicken
  5. Add barbecue sauce if you are wanting to make bbq pulled chicken! :) 

I hope you all enjoy this recipe! let me know in the comments if you like instant pot recipes or if you would rather have some crockpot recipes!