Chicken and Rice Soup

I’ve been feeling pretty cruddy lately and I’m not sure why. It feels like my body is completely against me and I am back on a strict healing plan (or trying to figure out what that is exactly!!) 

Other than that it was VBS week at my church and I do the office work but it was awesome to see all the kids loving it, hard work pays off when a kid gets to enjoy them self and learn about Jesus!! 

Since I’ve been under the weather I decided soup sounded good. I made this one with some bone broth for extra healing measures. Bone broth is good for the gut health and inflammation, but it’s also has so much more flavor than traditional broth. I have a recipe coming for this soon!  However, if you don’t want to make bone broth our purchase it, you can use regular broth! 

Now, onto the recipe :) 


Chicken and Rice Soup


meat of 1 rotisserie chicken, or 1lb of shredded chicken (recipe for my shredded chicken here!) 

2 carrots 

3 stalks of celery

1/2 of an onion

2 containers of bone broth (carton or 6 cups of homemade)

1 cup of rice

olive oil 



poultry seasoning




fresh thyme

bay leaf


  1. Dice all veggies

  2. Add some olive oil to a large pot, let heat

  3. Add veggies into pot, add seasonings and sauté until softened

  4. Add in broth and rice, let cook about 15-20minutes and check rice.

  5. Once rice is cooked, add in shredded chicken and stir till combined

  6. Let chicken heat and enjoy!

*NOTE: if you use bone broth, expect it to harden when refrigerated, when you microwave it of heat it on the stove it turns into broth again!*