Hi there! 

My name is Chelsea!  

a little bit about me: I am a 23 year old living with rheumatoid arthritis everyday. I try to manage it with diet and exercise and I like to create and share my recipes here :) 

Where the idea for this blog came from: The idea for this blog came at a desperate time for me. I am going to give you a little bit of the backstory here! 

 I was 16... a junior in high school, had an awesome boyfriend (now fiancé!), everything was going great... until, I was put into a walking boot for what we thought at the time was a sprained ankle... for 4 months. Mind you, at this point in my life I was overweight, didn't exercise and I was by no means healthy. Over testing we figured out that it was not a sprained ankle but it was rheumatoid arthritis, at the age of 16!

I had dieted so much in my life and I just wanted something that could fix it. I started on medications... a concoction made of steroids, low dose chemo medications, and anti-inflammatory drugs causing more of a problem than helping that problem. It helped for a little, and I began to exercise and eat better and quickly fell in love with nutrition and found the solution to my problem. I started to slowly find out that nutrition itself is one of the most beneficial medications we can take. I learned that what we put into and on our bodies greatly effects our daily lives, especially those of us with autoimmune diseases. 

This space is essentially me learning more everyday about what is "my healthy" and hoping that you all learn what yours is through that!  I eat a mostly paleo diet with a little bit of gluten, dairy and sugar sprinkled in there because #lifehappens I try to do my best to keep my immune system at bay and I learned that through diet and exercise this is possible. 


My ultimate goal for this space is for you to learn and feel comfortable in finding what is right and healthy for you! 


I want you to be able to feel confident in your food choices, knowing what will help you and what will harm you. That there is no good or bad other than based off of what YOUR body (and a little bit of research, of course) tells you!


Thanks for joining me here, I can't wait to get to know you more!